Meet Christian de la Huerta, the Soulbehind Soulful Power

Christian de la Huerta is a highly sought-after personal transformation expert with over three decades of experience. His expertise has helped clients from all corners of the globe to overcome obstacles and achieve the long-lasting results they had always aspired to.

An award-winning author, TEDx speaker, retreat leader, and leading voice in the breathwork community, his mission is to help clients unleash their inner hero. And yes, that means all of us!

Born in Havana, Cuba, Christian, along with his close-knit family, emigrated to the U.S. when he was 10 to escape Communism. Early life experiences of not being able to speak freely for fear of political persecution led to patterns of hiding aspects of himself and feeling like a stranger in a new land, accompanied by loneliness, isolation, self-rejection, and a sense of not belonging.  

By his late 20s, Christian had all the trappings of “success”: a good job, a beautiful condo on the water in South Beach, FL, a sports car, Armani suits — an enviable life. Yet, none of it seemed enough. It seemed that the more he had, the emptier he felt. Something was missing: a spiritual connection and a sense of purpose. Following a life-changing breathwork session, he had a vision for the impact he was meant to make, the gifts he had yet to share with the world… And he discovered tools to help free himself — and others — from the unbearable weight of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, and the conditioning that kept him from feeling truly free and fulfilled. He jumped tracks and never went for the Ph.D. in Psychology. He walked out of his life and went off on a life-changing spiritual journey.

After five years of diving deep into his own process of healing and transformation, he experienced a level of freedom that is only possible when one is willing to face down and transcend their inner demons, their shadow. His newfound strength, wisdom, confidence, and clarity matched a driving passion to support others to reclaim their power, conquer insecurity, stop playing small, create dream relationships, and live a life filled with purpose. Since then, his commitment to our collective healing and transformation has never wavered.

It’s All Hands On Deck! See how our Soulful Power Offerings can support you on your journey.

Christian’s offerings all share a single mission: to help others get free and step into their authentic power in order to enjoy a life of meaning and purpose and relationships that work.

His unique and powerful self-development programs have been offered around the world: in university lecture halls, retreat centers, corporate boardrooms, houses of worship, the TEDx stage, and most recently, virtually, in the comfort of your own home. 

Awakening the Soul of Power, his latest book, inspires and supports readers to transform their relationship to power, generating deeper levels of fulfillment and personal freedom. It was described as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions” by music icon Gloria Estefan and has received a Nautilus Book Award, a Global Book Award, a Book Excellence Award, and a Nonfiction Book Award. 

An earlier book, Coming Out Spiritually, was chosen by Publisher’s Weekly, the bible of the industry, as one of the 10 best religion books of its year and was widely regarded critically as a trend-setting accomplishment in the field of LGBTQ spirituality.

Why this mission and why now? Because we are all needed now! As Christian often says, “It’s all hands on deck!”

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