Christian de la Huerta

Christian de la Huerta is an award winning author, respected spiritual teacher, sought-after retreat
facilitator and founder of Soulful Power, offering transformational retreats and workshops awakening
participants to their deeper sense of purpose, empowering radical internal and external shifts. Christian
says, “when participants can uncover and overcome long held fears that hold them back, this is when they
begin to experience the true joy and fulfillment of living on purpose, which also allows them to become
catalysts for our planet’s spiritual and cultural evolution.”

Soulful Power programs support clients at all levels of personal transformation

As humans we are hardwired to transform, but too often we get so captivated by the busyness of daily
living that we lose connection with our deeper, more intuitive selves. Our relationships with lovers,
family, friends and co-workers provide a sense of connection and the necessary friction out of which
growth ensues. Yet they can also be a diversion from the inner journey, where the potential for freedom
and maximum fulfillment lie.

At the foundation of all our programs is the power of the breath to transform your life in a single session.
Gift yourself with an evening of healing, centering and profound relaxation through the magic of Soulful
Breathwork. In addition to healing at every level — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually —
this life-changing yet gentle yogic practice is a powerful and effective tool to heal past traumas.

Soulful Breathwork Sessions

When the going gets tough, the tough go within! The word retreat comes from the Latin word recedo,
meaning “to draw back.” The benefits of this essential withdrawal are manifold. The opportunity to go
within allows us to gain distance and perspective from the day-to-day circumstances of our lives, and in
the process, gain the clarity we have been seeking. We invite you to join us on a life-changing journey
beyond the surface of living—to the deeper, vastly unexplored territories of the inner self.

Soulful Power Retreats

A Soulful Trek is the beautiful love child of a retreat and a vacation. Combined with life-changing
teachings and empowering retreat experiences, we also enjoy exciting adventures as we explore some of
the unique features of exquisite natural settings and sacred places of pilgrimage. With multiple
breathwork sessions over the course of seven days, these experiences will leave you gently yet powerfully
transformed. And you’ll have a great time!

Soulful Treks

Our short workshops are designed to give attendees a fundamental look at Soulful Power work. In an
intimate, sacred group setting, we’ll cover key themes and begin to build a foundation for healing and
transformation. Half-day workshops include teaching and group collaboration; full-day workshops
include a group Soulful Breathwork session.

Soulful Power

Like Soulful Breathwork, Soulful Hero Coaching is designed for clients at all levels of personal
transformation. Are you just beginning to get a sense of greater purpose, or have you been on the path of
conscious personal transformation for awhile and have hit a stumbling point? In a private or small group
setting we will create a viable path that will help you discover a sense of belonging, develop a powerful sense of purpose and empowerment.

Soulful Hero Coaching

Our community is diverse, inclusive, supportive and joy-inspiring. We look forward to sharing this
journey of self-discovery with you!

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