Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step

In these times of dramatic social change, when the highly charged issue of homosexuality is undeniably causing controversy in many arenas—religion, marriage, politics, education, the military—Coming Out Spiritually offers a clear perspective and a hopeful vision: an optimistic, yet challenging view of the role LGBT people can play in the world for the benefit of all.

Because of the abuse, rejection, and condemnation they have experienced at the hand of most religions, many in the LGBT community have in effect thrown the baby out with the baptismal water. Ironically, and tragically, there is much evidence indicating that throughout history, and across many different cultures, people exhibiting sexual and gender fluidity have often been honored and revered for their roles of spiritual leadership. Coming Out Spiritually distills some of this research and synthesizes ten spiritual roles or archetypes people we now call gay or queer have often assumed—and continue to enact today: creators of beauty, consciousness scouts, mediators, shamans, and healers, among others. An impassioned call to action, the book advocates that it is now time for the LGBT community to fully reclaim that spiritual heritage.

As supporting evidence, de la Huerta incorporates a carefully synchronized choir of diverse voices: LGBT people representing a wide range of spiritual traditions: Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism, New Thought, New Age, and Earth-based religions including Native American, Yoruba, Neopaganism, Wicca, Druidism, and others. The book cogently examines these traditions’ attitudes, teachings, and policies towards homosexuality.

Coming Out Spiritually issues a compelling invitation to the LGBT community to look deeper inside; to reach higher than ever before; to step forth more fully into who they really are; and to redeem their rightful roles. With his finger clearly on the pulse of that community, de la Huerta turns up the already heated discussion on sexuality a notch or two. This is a book that alternatively touches, challenges, encourages, and supports.

Christian is a passionate proponent of the special role he sees LGBT people playing in today’s society. He believes that they are meant to be catalysts for our planet’s spiritual evolution, and that it’s time they embraced this joyous responsibility. He puts these principles into action as the founder of Q-Spirit, an international group devoted to fostering an environment in which LGBT people can fully claim their roles of spiritual service, leadership and community enrichment around the world.

A worldwide spiritual awakening is taking place. What is the role of LGBT people in this extraordinary phenomenon? What does it mean to come out spiritually? Read it and find out!


Coming Soon:
The Soul of Power

There is so much confusion in the world about power: what it is, who holds it, what it means, how it works. This confusion is, in part, because we fail to recognize that there are several types of power. Worldly power is based on externals—money, fame, class, political connections and social status. It achieves its goals by force, domination, control or manipulation and can be abusive, arrogant and self-aggrandizing. Similarly, egoic power always has a self-serving agenda. It is fear-based, exclusive and hierarchical—and steps on others to get where it wants to be.

In contrast, spiritual (or soulful) power guides and inspires. It is humble, quiet and unassuming. Its source and energy are internal—it comes from within. Soulful power is about authentic self-expression; it’s about service and making a difference. It is love-based, inclusive, and is not threatened by the power of others. It stands on its own. It simply is. And it is mighty. In this insightful and empowering book, acclaimed author Christian de la Huerta helps us explore and decode the different forms of power, ultimately coming to an understanding about our own soulful power. You will learn to:

Since relationships are the area of life in which most of us forfeit our inner power, this book emphasizes how we can have powerful, intimate, loving relationships that work—and how we can use our relationships consciously as a vehicle for personal growth,empowerment and spiritual transformation. And, though the book is for everyone, it is driven by the conviction that the empowerment of women is the single most important thing that needs to happen in our world. It therefore addresses women directly, with a special focus on the Sacred Feminine in all of us.

Why must we step into power consciously, with intention? On a micro level, to avoid settling for a life of unfulfilled potential. On a macro level, because the world needs us—those of us who have even an inkling that our work is to advance our collective evolution on this planet—as healers, teachers, activists and catalysts of change. There has never been a more critical time in the history of humanity. The clarion call has been issued. The world needs us now.

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