I attended one of Christian’s retreats (with Marianne) a couple years back. I experienced the most personal and professional growth ever in my life because of the experiences.

—Marti Marie

In March 2019, I attended that Women and Power retreat. I did not know what to expect as this was the first time I would be doing breathwork and do a retreat like this. Going to this retreat was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Before going to this event, I felt very disenchanted with what I was doing career-wise. I wanted to find myself and meaning in my life again. This experience provided results that I could have never imagined. Through Christian’s well-thought-out retreat, I found clarity and purpose. At the end of the retreat, I had the inspiration to do things I never thought of, such as writing a book and focusing more on helping others. Since that time, I have written a book, started a professional coaching career, and most importantly, found meaning in the work that I am doing.

Christian and the work that he does is life-changing. I highly encourage any retreat or, at the very least, breath work that he offers. He is an extraordinary person that I feel very blessed to know.

—Meghan Clarke – Author, Executive and Professional Coach

I’ve attended three of Christian’s breathwork retreats. Each one was more profound than the other. I arrived at the recent workshop–on the mystical Hawaiian island of Moloka’i–somewhat dissatisfied with my life and the direction it was taking. I left with a profound sense of purpose and new vigor for my work. Almost immediately afterward, I was offered the opportunity to take several trips to Africa, and just last week I was appointed to serve on the Communities Delegation that advises the Board of Directors of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. I am now one of 40 people around the world who advise the Global Fund on the needs and priorities of people living with and affected by these devastating diseases. There is no doubt those opportunities came about thanks to Christian’s breathwork retreats and to his quiet determination to help people find their life’s purpose.

—Terry Anderson

I can’t really say enough about Christian’s individual work and about the value of his retreats. I’ve attended numerous of his breathwork sessions over the years — as well as one of his Souful Power retreats. His work has always inspired me to get in touch with … and stay in touch with … my deeper, more-grounded “internal self.” His dedication to his fellow woman and men is profoundly inspirational and his deep compassion is awesome; not just to observe — but to actually feel. The incredible thing is that the work he does is so deep that you never really sense it fading — even years afterward. That’s probably because his methods help you to find your actual “path” — and once you’re on that path, he encourages you to stay on it once and for all.

—Michael Walker

As part of my yoga teacher training my class attended a weekend of Breathwork guided by Christian. It’s hard to put into words the profound impact this workshop had in opening my awareness as a future yoga instructor, an energetic guide, and a ‘reset button’ for my soul so I could be fully present for others. Christian masterfully crafted a safe space to let go of unwanted energy, get in tune with the heart, and understand helpful ways to understand the ego. He is truly a rare human with great depth, knowledge, and compassion–I highly recommend any opportunity to work with Christian.

—Carla Nielsen

If you have never heard of breathwork, allowing Christian to control space for rapid healing is a must. Before this retreat, I literally got an MRI on my spine and was close to not being able to walk. I couldn’t even sit on the plane there. After intensive sessions and focusing on the blockage in my spine, I was able to clear some of the stuck energy and was pressing into a handstand by day 4. Not only this, but I also was able to see my father that I have not seen or spoken to in 3 years. Breathwork saved my life. And Christian is a World leader in breathwork. Life moves fast, allow yourself time to sift through some of the baggage you are carrying in your day today. I promise you will not regret it.

Thank you, Christian ??

—Blaine Szablewski

“A couple of years ago I treated my soul to bringing in the year with Christian de la Huerta and this amazing workshop.. it was (and remains) so meaningful. Don’t miss it.”

—Marta Neira

“All my love and Deep gratitude for holding that Sacred Masculine where I can trust and open more to love. You hold a space of deep integrity and trust. ?
Yesterday breathing I thought I would break and open thousands of times more… Love is so amazing and sweet”

—Adriana Rodriguez

“Yesterday, I took a class on Breathwork and I overwhelmingly recommend it to everyone in the world for an experience of a lifetime. It is an incredibly powerful class that can only be explained by taking it yourself and experiencing it. Christian de la Huerta– what a crazy, impactful course you lead, Thank you!”

—Tammy Martinez

“I am blessed by your presence in my life…You changed my fear to trust!”

—Kathleen Kennedy

“I seriously can’t thank you ENOUGH! What a transformation this has been! I could write you a novel (but maybe you should be writing the novel? ha!). I do think you should know that I never went back on the postpartum depression medication I was on – the PPD is really gone!” 

—Catherine Howard

“Christian de la Huerta, my experience breathing with you was transformative and profound! I highly recommend it!”

—John Bartlett

“My life continues to be an amazing adventure.  I cannot thank you enough. My experience at Esalen was indeed life-changing.  So much has happened in my life since I let go of fear. When I got back to Florida after Esalen everyone said. “You look different” I answered.  “I am!” ”

—Bob Watts

I’m thinking about who made a difference in my life in 2017, & Christian de la Huerta is definitely one of them…

I’ve been to many healing retreats, but this was my first experience with breathwork, and wow… It was truly life-changing. Yes, the breathwork in & of itself brought me to depths of my being that I hadn’t previously explored, but I was only able to go there as a result of Christian’s ability to masterfully hold the space for us in such a safe way. He truly is gifted at what he does. I made friends with beautiful people that weekend — we laughed, cried, shared together, released, & transformed. I couldn’t think of a better way to have spent my birthday this year. I highly recommend you check out one of his retreats, either at the amazing Goddess Temple in beautiful Miami or at one of his retreats across the country. You’ll be grateful. ~ Kelly Knaub

—Kelly Knaub

The best decision I’ve ever made was coming to a retreat!!! It changed my life forever! 

It saved my marriage! So so grateful!!!  


Christian you, your work, and the Temple are truly priceless and no money in the world could come close to reaching the immeasurable value you bring to all of us… thank you, thank you!

—Adeline Cassin

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all you did for me when I was in Miami. I am so blessed and honored to have the experiences I did with the amazing breathwork sessions and the times I spent at the retreats. During some of the darkest parts of my life, you were there, and simply loved me through the process. I cannot express my gratitude and deep heartfelt love to you enough for that. I am now on the other side of much of that and beginning to share my love and light with others. I want to thank you again, for giving me my life back, and loving me into a new existence!

—Marti Kronstedt

Oh, and we’re happily married now.  You’ll always have a special place in our relationship since Andrew proposed during your breathwork workshop.  I love telling that story.


Great tools for your medicine bag…Christian de la Huerta facilitates sacred space where Spirit can weave itself into an authentic expression of soul and breath. My experience was deep, visionary and vibrationally healing beyond measure. Thank you, Christian, for your devotion to this practice and spreading good things in the world!


Thanks for facilitating such a wonderful, transformative, and unforgettable group experience.


The power of this work is just amazing ! Thank you for opening my heart and soul through the power of breath! I am a believer and will follow this through from this point on! Namaste’


I cannot recommend the Soulful Relationships retreat more highly, for couples and singles alike. Breathwork is so powerful and truly transformative for those aspiring to live a free, unencumbered and truly fulfilled life. My wife and I participated while pregnant and together we released limiting beliefs and patterns in our relationship while creating a deep and lasting bond for our family, in breath. If you can breathe, you can do it. It will the best use of your time and money, I am certain! Throw your hat over the wall and commit!


As a veteran of many many workshops and spiritual retreats, I can unreservedly say that yours was the highest level of consciousness and most joy-inspiring…with the most diverse and richly supportive spiritual partners. Loved it… every minute. So grateful for your wisdom and your finesse and generous heart.


I could never fully describe the depth of my gratitude for having been led to you and to your work. Saturday was so powerful for and in me! I so appreciated the container you created, and the transparency from which you came. It was beyond beautiful. The power of my intention was matched perfectly by the Universe via you, and I do not exaggerate when I say Saturday probably saved my marriage. Thanks so much for who you choose to be on the planet, and for all you choose to give. The power of G-awed moves through you, and miracles happen! I love you very, very much. You have had a profound impact in my emergence this past year, and the Goddess Temple was the perfect container for that work. I am filled with gratitude and awe for the perfection of the Plan that moves me along in this journey of atonement. My very best to you in your new Temple, and blessings to you in saying yes to all you are called to be and to give.


I am so grateful for you and for my time at Kalani. It was deeply life-changing, and I so appreciate what you have brought to my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you for the beautiful space so graciously open for the collective conscientious to elevate. Thank you for your humbleness and openness to show me how to love fully — I will be eternally grateful!


This was the most unbelievably amazing experience I have ever been personally involved in. My eyes have been opened to an entirely new universe. I have experienced peace and joy like I previously only dreamt about. I feel as though I have been provided with a way to achieve my true purpose in life.


The actual breathwork was more than I could have imagined. I felt such a sense of release and serenity. A feeling that goodness and happiness was possible. That my trust in people, and myself, was a real possibility. It’s been a while since I’ve felt  that positive. When we left on Sunday I knew the breathwork had a real effect on me but thought the retreat was good but not very relevant. Then I found myself thinking and talking about the rise of the divine feminine, the bigger self, the monkey mind. Being true to yourself and others. Wow, doesn’t time have a way of putting things in perspective. Your teachings were so much more influential than I would’ve thought. You’ve awakened in me a quest to find out more. But more of what? I guess that’s part of the journey. And although we didn’t get a chance to interact that much, when we hugged at the end of the weekend I felt your strength and devotion. Your love for people. I felt a real sense of ease…or exhaustion. Just kidding! You’re a man of passion.
Thanks again. Especially for you patience and belief.


Thank you for this weekend and especially for calling me out and not letting hide behind my fears (and physical pain) as an excuse to not move forward. When you said you felt I would experience more healing by moving forward in my work, I knew deep within me that to be true; it really resonated with me. Very few people could be that effective. I know you were not discounting at all what I have been through, and I feel that is why I was able to hear you.  Thank you for that. FYI, I already have a brainstorming session scheduled with my friend and future colleague this coming Sunday to start preparing workshops that we will develop and host. Pretty exciting! How’s that for taking action!!   🙂


Feeling so blessed and grateful for an amazing weekend with beautiful souls and an incredible teacher, Christian de la Huerta. Graced by community, connection, joy, delight, laughter, tears, vulnerability, healing, light, honesty, courage, openness, sisterhood, lusciousness, love… An expansive and powerful Soulful Breathwork weekend!


Thank you so much for everything this weekend and all that you do!  Your ability to look beyond the surface and allow others to do the same is inspiring.


Your work and your spirit have so influenced my life. Thank you!


You want to know what the New Year’s retreat was like? Take the previous shorter experience, expand it, allow it to really deepen and then invite it to  s-t-r-e-t-c-h yet again. Throw in some beautiful weather, a fabulous setting, incredible food, an amazing community of participants and so much love and good juju there are no words to describe…this was the New Year’s Breathing experience (and then some!)


Another powerful evening of breathwork. It is so wondrous to me that the inhales and exhales that I take carry with them traces of their place of origin. And where they have originated from is somewhere that knows my soul. It is the same place from which I myself was born out of, a place of creation, molded and sculpted out of expansiveness, a taming of vastness, then set alive by the breath of God.


Full. Of Love. Had an amazing weekend…Friday night breathwork with Christian, Yoga…then the Soulful Purpose workshop with Christian de la Huerta which was so very deeply healing. So grateful for him and this “Holy Breath”, holy breathwork. Then today fully stepping into my Reiki healer job…and owning it. And loving it. And getting to share it, and my love for it with the clients who came to our free clinic. And the hugs…lotsa hugs…:-)


Thank you again for taking the time to hear and see my heart. I am deeply moved that God would allow me to connect on such a soul level with a beautiful man such as yourself. I have never met such calm and unassuming love. I am struck by how comfortable you are in any space– and how calm you are in pauses and silence. Thank you for listening to everything I shared today with complete acceptance and love. I feel Divine pleasure on me – first to have met you, and second, to have forged such an eternal friendship in such a short time – and I do believe it is eternal. Your life in my life right now is nothing short of a miraculous gift from Divine LOVE.


My mother just emailed me to thank me for introducing her to Spiritual Breathing! She was blown – and I mean BLOWN AWAY! Thank you, Christian de la Huerta, for being amazing and providing such a safe environment. And God Bless my mother for ‘getting it’ in every possible way! I am a lucky man!


Just read “Tending Love’s Fire” in The Huffington Post. Thank you for the inspiration, the details. In addition, the flames and embers sustain a rhythm and a dance among themselves, as they intimately interweave and burn, like the beating of a drum. You got me with soul whisperers. It resonates deep within. Soul keepers of the flame of love. Gracias!


OK, I truly am speechless right now. Mind body heart and soul doesn’t know what happened — but you are definitely to blame for it all…that much I know! 🙂


It’s been a good and full month since we were together. I’m deeply grateful for the time, the connection, and the depth with you. I continue to recognize that breathwork-plus as a game changer. A healing and resolution of the root of my separate self identity, that is still solidifying. So awesome…


Thank YOU for the incredible experience. Being in your Temple and in your presence was a beautiful thing and one I hope to do again soon. It was remarkable to feel so much energy and release all at once. Your loving encouragement for this “first-timer” was appreciated. I am truly grateful that the Universe has brought us together!


I had dinner with A. tonight; she raved about you changing her life. It is all in the past. You are magic. Please keep doing what you are doing. It is saving people…for reals!


Thank you, Christian, for the work you do. Thank you for your service. You help to kindle a new conception of love on this planet. It was and is a daring and dangerous task, yet you approach it with courage, confidence and wisdom. You teach people how to breathe. You give people permission to be themselves. You are a blessing.


Thank you for the feeling of rebirth and your healing touch. My mission is more clear: to give back the feeling of life to everyone around me. In feeling inspiration from anyone or any situation, comes the blessing to reflect it back. In receiving glimpses of true guidance only occasionally, ambivalence and confusion set in many times in not having faith that my light would guide me forward effortlessly. Now I know I am needed here; there’s no room for ambivalence.


Please know that what you do is very precious. There are so many people in this world that are living richer lives because of you. I am one of them.


The weekend was a blessing that has changed me forever. Thank you, Christian de la Huerta, for holding such wonderful space in order for all of the healing to take place. YOU are a blessing to us all and Miami is even luckier to have you.


We really had a great time at your soulful power retreat in NJ; we’ve learned so much from you and your lessons, and the whole group of people together reaching for the same goal is just inspiring and touching! I am so grateful that I am your student. Your kindness and your wisdom and all the knowledge that you have been gaining and giving back to the world will always be with me, in my memories, in my heart. Christian, thank you!


Feeling stuck, depressed, angry, frustrated, sad, overwhelmed, confused? Let me introduce you to the work of our very own Cuban “guru” Christian de la Huerta.”


I want to truly thank you for yesterday and for what I continue feeling…I feel great, absolutely great! Last night I went to bed and as I was listening to Deva Premal Radio to fall asleep,
I had a smile on my face from ear to ear and still all of this yummy energy running through my whole body.


Thank you so much for hosting the breathwork class earlier this week. I got a lot of clarity, gratefulness, and forgiveness from just one session. I’m looking forward to attending more classes in the near future.


I highly recommend Christian de la Huerta’s breathwork process in general – and his “Soulful Power” retreat in particular – as a mechanism for catalyzing further intra-personal (and inter-personal) growth. I am grateful to Christian and his facilitators and fellow participants for all of the love that they showed me through this healing process. In the weeks following the Memorial Day “Soulful Power” retreat, I felt that the experience was a necessary catalyst to further my evolution as a spiritual, physical and intellectual being.


I feel so blessed that I could learn from you during the self-empowerment retreat. Thank you for that bit of ego busting around my victimization and fear. I feel lighter and freer to start making real positive change in my life. My next agenda is the relationships retreat. Amazing transformative work!


I just watched your TEDX Talk.  Thank you.  Something I really needed to hear right now.  You spoke this truth so clearly.


I went to this retreat last year. It was life changing! It is crazy to look back at where I was a year ago and see all the amazing changes in my life. Full of gratitude and I reflect on this.


You have helped me remember things in myself that I forgot a long time ago! With your truth and grace I can honor myself and others.


Of all the ways I’ve learned to traverse LIFE and CHANGE, Soulful Breathwork with Christian de la Huerta has been the most transformative.


Thank you for a wonderful day.  It was a great group and and a warm, loving and healing environment.  You did a great job leading the effort.


This day is filled with excitement & wonderment. Thank you again for sharing an important moment in my life. And also for helping me to remember the answer to the question of, “Why have you come…”


Has anybody seen my self-doubt?  I think I might have left it at the temple.  Small thing, but very heavy?


It was the most beautiful, sacred, spiritually deep, heart connected and magical entry into a new year that I’ve ever had in my life; may it continue this year and forever more in our lives, in my life, and in our lives together.


Well, my mind has been blown and like I told my yoga teacher today, “The only thing that could be as significant is my last breath, my death.” As you know, I have been involved in healing modalities since 1993–20 years now–and this was completely and truly infinitely transformational. Utilizing breath, with careful loving expert guidance by Christian de la Huerta, a group of 8 of us were lead deeply inward to our souls, to who we truly are and a process of organic letting go and releasing all of the barriers that impede love, compassion, understanding and self-actualization was set in motion that unfolded over 3 sacred days. This man, Christian has studied, practiced and taught, and written about this work for over 25 years. He is a master at holding each person in a holy embrace of sublime love, honor and respect which generates open-hearted trust and a metamorphosis! I feel my life is forever changed and I bow deeply to him, I have simply never met a more gifted generous committed human being! His commitment to others is that of a holy man–I am stunned at his presence and the love and caring that oozes out of his BEING!


Feeling the depth of you breathing has also allowed for me to be more courageous in my life. I do much better with shifts in energy nowadays. Honestly, before Hawaii I didn’t understand energy the way that I do today. During our week together, I was able to combine everything that I learned from my meditation and concentration techniques with the breathwork sessions. I think this is why I was able to face myself with bravery, pushing past my habitual tendencies to shut down. Before I came to Hawaii I knew that if I could face the shifts in my mind that scared me that I could uncover something that has been here all along. For me, being able to breathe deeper than I ever had before, allowed for me to be brave. I truly needed to become intimate with my breath. Whether I practice trying to be a warrior in the world, I read about the ways of a Bodhisattva, or answer the call to be a hero, I know now that I am a healer and a teacher. I just want to continue to live selflessly as I heal. Your help pushed me into my new chapter.


Regarding my experience at the retreat, words defy me, which is uncommon. On a funny note, I had dinner and a glass of the wine at the bar last night at the Marriott so that I could watch the game. Then tonight my husband and I went to one of our favorite restaurants and had dinner at the bar, as is our norm.  On both occasions the bartender asked me about the joy on my face.  The first inquiry from someone with whom I’ve never been acquainted and the second from a guy I’ve known for years.  Apparently, my bliss is evident, even to the untrained eye.


Christian is truly a master of facilitating transpersonal growth and transformation.  His tools are group dynamics, symbols and imagery, deep listening, the power of insightful questions, music, and of course, the magic of the breath.  He wields them all like Monet did his brushes.  The two retreats I’ve attended have made the canvas of my life much more beautiful than I could have imagined.  I am grateful beyond words.


You have really connected succinctly, I feel, the truly spiritual inclination and most probably almost ‘genetic connection and predilection’ that is innate in most gay men. You made me look upon my homosexuality as not a curse or defect of character but as a gift of nature and/or God. I am a Buddhist by faith, raised Catholic, and I feel you have a true gift in conveying a message of faith and spirituality in our brothers and sisters. Thanks again for your book and your message!


I really appreciate your efforts to offer the queer community a spiritual foundation out of which to develop a more unified method of living. It’s people like you that have given me the strength to express my desires in the face of hostility, to renounce passivity and regain personal integrity, to repudiate convention, and to step into the frightening realm of uncertainty. I sincerely thank you for that.


I recently read your book Coming Out Spiritually and I was forever changed. I was reluctantly searching for some kind of spirituality in my life, and you really had a profound impact on me. Learning the history of gays and lesbians in ancient civilizations as shamans and holy people made me proud to be gay for the first time in my life.


Christian de la Huerta was amazing. His workshop empowered me as a person, as a Christian, and as a gay man both spiritually and sexually. I now know that I have permission to be both spiritual and sexual and the two are not mutually exclusive.


There were several activities that gave me a taste of ecstasy…I am still reaping the benefits simply by reflecting on various moments from the weekend. My work experience is very intense and difficult right now, and I am so much better prepared to meet the challenge because of the reviving experience of the retreat. It not only met my hopes and expectations, but far outstripped them.


Christian has a wonderful ability to create a safe space that is warmly nurturing while simultaneously being inspiring and challenging, encouraging us to become more of who we really are. I definitely left with more than what I would have guessed I’d receive. This retreat was transformational for me; I feel more grounded, more entitled to rightfully claim my space in this world.


Christian was great: kept things moving and focused. I went seeking to reinforce my spirituality which I felt had suffered in the last few years. I feel I succeeded. I got to get in touch with myself and move past a few things. I feel more centered and was moved by the openness and truth that were expressed by all. A very positive experience overall for me and wonderful group of people!


Each aspect of the retreat was powerful in a different way: the breathwork sessions were powerfully relaxing, the hand analysis was insightful, the flagging was meditative, and the ritual was transformative. Since the “Opening to Breath, Opening to Purpose” retreat I attended in New Jersey some amazing transformation has occurred in my life. I see the weekend I spent with you on Lake Iasco as the event that allowed me to open up to this incredible change. Thank you so much for providing me with that turning point.


How can we thank you enough for all the love and guidance you give? Your work has changed our lives forever. Each day we give blessings for the gift that is your work and the magic of the Universe. Walls of emotional pain and fear have fallen for both of us and now we face the world as new spirits of healing to do the work we were placed here to do. We have never been happier or more free.

—Michael and Larry

I just wanted to thank you again for the opportunity that I had to attend the retreat. When I left the retreat, I felt that I had some enlightenment but that I have a long ways to go with respect to things that I have to work on and through.

I wanted to let you know that after my breathwork sessions, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my outlook on life. It has been nearly three weeks and suddenly I find that I am no longer angry at that man who caused me to lose my job. I harbor no ill will and really haven’t even thought about it. I realized today that this change had been made.

I must admit I had great skepticism when you said that in one session of breathing that people have more results than in years of therapy. To my great dismay, I have found it to be absolutely true in my case. I am an absolute believer. The truths I learned in those short few days really have changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


The weekend we shared has had a profound impact on me. Those closest to me have noticed a change. But most importantly, I have noticed a change. Yes, I have been triggered occasionally, but I notice it and get off the wheel. The practice that I have put in place has really help solidify our weekend. I am making choices I have never made before, seeing things about myself and others that are new to me.


Christian, you must often feel the joy—at least I hope you do—of being a wonderful parent. Better than Fred McMurray even, better than Ward Cleaver. You have this God-given ability to bring people together and offer them real change in the direction of their lives. I know, for instance, that my life took on a completely different direction, starting when I came for my first breathwork retreat.My life is better now because of you—and also because of my fellow pod people, each of whom I offer my own love and light and gratitude.

—Mike W.

I can attest to the strength of the energy that Christian creates to change you profoundly.


There are three words I don’t use often: extraordinary, incredible and exquisite.

group which formed instant community
group of leaders who so compassionately facilitated the retreat, especially the breathwork
environment in which to live together for a time: Hui Ho’olana and Molokai

Spirit movement and energy
moments of ecstasy and insight
deep attunement to Divine wisdom

leadership on the part of Christian de la Huerta
meals and staff who invited us to be at home in Hui Ho’olana
moments of beauty and inspiration


I really felt strongly that a shift happened in how I relate to myself, and therefore to the collective. I was not aware of how my mistrust of my family and those others that have lived up to my case of mistrust, has informed my day to day relations with myself and everyone I know and meet. It seems clear to me that there is a kindness to me when my awareness is informed by the trust in myself and for those in my world that are trusting.

I had fallen into the trap of letting my perceived experience define how I see the world, and a shift happened in being aware and taking action by allowing my experience at the retreat no matter how much I wanted to stay in isolation. I found that it felt so innate to show myself to you and the group. The trust in myself led the way to be open. So thank you for creating this space.


I am writing to you during another kind of breakthrough moment in my journey inward. It’s about how much of my inner landscape I am discovering, and finding in my reality. Previously, within the weeks unraveling after the retreat, I found that my desire to find out more about what life means was insatiable. I’ve read books on what life energy is, how we conduct it, how it manifests itself, etc and it is all making sense and clicking with me on a deep level.

My decision to pursue nursing has broadened to become a healer in a much wider capacity, and I am so happy to realize I can do my life’s work, and get paid to do it! Whatever process was catalyzed through the breathwork and most importantly with the support palpable through you and the other retreaters, that process is, tumbling me toward a firm footing in my reality.


Thank you for a life-changing retreat experience. It is clear that you have been given a special purpose, and that you are 100% devoted to it.

If there’s such a possibility as an impossibility, it’s in trying to put into words how much this experience has helped me. I will try. It has told me more about my beliefs in how I carry myself through life, now that I am charged with the responsibility of being given new eyes. What is different this time around is that it’s easier to move past that fear of not being enough, of that disconnect with the present. I have the literal and figurative support of transformational breath with me. I cannot ignore the message of its power. 

And that is what I was experiencing during our last breathwork session. My breath is always with me—I can forever ride that wave of energy; so nourishing and exhilarating, I really felt the Divine pass through me, and comfort me. The promise of it is truly liberating. And I have a deeper resolve now to continue, to persevere.


The retreat was amazing and has shifted many beliefs for me. I can feel the vibrational change in myself. I am ‘being with’ instead of analyzing, as I tend to do. Things are falling into place and my ability to trust has certainly increased. Leaps of faith are beginning to feel like the norm—nice! I believe that breathwork has contributed to these changes.


I really don’t know where to start, but all I can say at this moment is that was the most incredible experience I have ever had totally sober. LOL. My heart has never felt so open and full of love. Thank you.


I left your workshop yesterday thinking I had a flat experience. I felt like I had to try to stay present—I was resisting—I was falling asleep. And it was breaking my heart to even consider the thought of having to tell you, I didn’t get it. But today, My GOD, brother I am a new man. This shit works, Dude. Maybe this sounds cliché, but I feel the new dawn.


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