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Just Keep Breathing

My body is still recovering from the SMART Ride, a 165-mile fund raising bike ride from Miami to Key West. With the support of an extensive and dedicated volunteer crew, more than 450 riders raised over a million dollars last weekend for South Florida HIV/AIDS...

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Never, Ever Give Up!

As a former competitive swimmer, I’ve followed the career of Diana Nyad since her Olympic days. With roots both in Cuba and South Florida, I’ve watched her multiple gut-wrenching and until now heart-breaking attempts at crossing the Florida Straits. That she finally...

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The Soul of Travel

I love to travel. Place me on a plane toward just about any destination and I am a happy man. Even though I am a frequent traveler, each time I look out of an airplane window I am still awed and humbled by the raw, dramatic, and sometimes painfully fragile beauty of...

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Breaking Free

Last week was fraught with mixed emotions for many of us who dream of freedom and equality for all. The Supreme Court’s rulings on the Voting Rights Act and affirmative action were a bit of a buzz kill for the high that followed when DOMA and Prop 8 were repealed. A...

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Tending Love’s Fire

Have you ever witnessed the creation of fire? It is such a profound privilege, one that strikes a cord deep in our ancestral memory. Fire, to our modern minds, is as simple as striking a match, flicking a lighter or — going back to elementary school science...

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Just Breathe!

Breathwork is a perfect healing tool for the 21st century. Why? Because it works so fast and efficiently, yielding immediate results and healing at every level: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is thus a perfect match for our over-scheduled,...

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T’is the Season for Generosity

The word generosity stems from a Latin root meaning “clan” or “tribe.” In “The Universe Is a Green Dragon,” physicist and cosmologist Brian Swimme identifies certain principles that govern the cosmos and applies them to the human experience, because, much to the...

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Navigating Change

Change is in the air. Not only is the change of seasons palpable in many places, but in the case of many people I know, life changes are brewing, often showing up in dramatic ways or in the form of an unexpected curveball. In relationships, completions or new...

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