Become a Breathwork Practitioner

This practice of Soulful Breathwork can have such a profound, immediate impact that many people feel a strong calling to explore it on a deeper level. This is how Christian de la Huerta came to be a practitioner and ultimately, a teacher. For those who share this calling, we are honored to offer several ways to answer it:

Apprenticeship Program: Learn by doing with this life-changing, hands-on training program for aspiring healers.

Master-Level Program: The final step in your journey to becoming a facilitator of Soulful Breathwork.

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The extraordinary graduates of our Soulful Breathwork training programs are currently practicing in cities around the country—hopefully one near you! For locations and contact information, download this PDF.

“In my own life, Soulful Breathwork has brought profound healing, enduring benefits, and indescribable moments of ecstasy. Yet, when I think about the process, what impacts me the most is the fact that I get to be an instrument of healing for so many others. For me, there is nothing more personally fulfilling than making a difference in another soul’s journey of healing. I am now thrilled to pass this beautiful practice on to others: the opportunity to make a difference in the transformation of the planet, one soul at a time.”

—Christian de la Huerta, Instructor


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