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Mastery of Breath

The Privilege of Being a Breathwork Practitioner “For me, being a breathwork practitioner is a true privilege. Each and every time I lead a group or facilitate a private session I am left with rich feelings of gratitude and humility. I still marvel that I get to play a role in bringing this amazing experience, this gift, to other people. At this crucial time in our collective human adventure, I know of no other practice that heals so profoundly and so quickly.

“Transformational Breathing is a unique catalyst for and powerful adjunct to other transformational experiences that might be offered within any church, mosque, temple, or other form of spiritual community. It can serve as a simple yet powerful tool for the ongoing transformation of our own selves. Offering breathwork as a part of a spiritual community is like offering that community a magic box for enhancing and deepening self-awareness and personal transformation. It acts as a catalyst for dramatically expanding the power of prayer, group discussion, movement and dance, personal therapy, or other form of transformational experience or technique.

“In my own life, breathwork has brought profound healing, enduring benefits, and indescribable moments of ecstasy. Yet, when I think about the process, what impacts me most is the fact that I get to be an instrument of healing for so many others. For me, there is nothing more personally fulfilling than making a difference in another soul’s journey of healing. I am now thrilled to pass this beautiful practice on to others: the opportunity to make a difference in the transformation of the planet, one soul at a time.”

Christian de la Huerta, instructor

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