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What is Soulful Breathwork?

Take a moment… breathe in and breathe out. Do you feel that? 

Yes, it’s no secret that we all have the incredible gift of breath keeping us alive. But did you know that you can harness the power of your breathing to not just live your life — but improve its overall quality as well? 

With our Soulful Breathwork Sessions, you are unlocking the potential to reshape long-held unhealthy patterns, tap into personal purpose, and ultimately, facilitate permanent healing. This impactful practice delivers immediate and profound relief from the stress of daily living while providing a sense of clarity and perspective as you begin this new chapter in your journey. 

It is also a great catalyst and the perfect compliment for any other form of transformational work — allowing for a full-body integration that can speed up the healing process and move you forward on the path toward positive change.

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The Soulful Breathwork practice delivers immediate and profound relief from the stress of daily living, while providing a sense of clarity and perspective in these often confusing times. It works efficiently, yielding immediate healing results at every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. A single session can change your life; repeated practice brings about gradual yet powerful changes in one’s relationship to the world and other people, in one’s overall life perspective and particularly in one’s sense of connection to the Divine. Whether you call it God, Spirit, Source or by any other name—the experience can be pure ecstasy. 

People often report receiving more from a single breathwork training session than from 5–10 years of therapy! This is not to say that healing meditation is a substitute for this often-beneficial process. It is actually the perfect adjunct to therapy, and can serve as a powerful catalyst to that process. Therapists will often suggest breathwork to their clients whose treatment may be stagnating. In fact, it’s a great catalyst for any other form of transformational or healing work in which we might engage—allowing for a more alive, full-body integration that can speed healing and positive change.

How does Soulful Breathwork Heal?

Breathwork offers us a graceful way to release emotional baggage—old pain, grief, anger, or other unexpressed feelings—which we have been carrying around. Our normal M.O. in these matters (suppressing, ignoring, or numbing with indulgence in alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, TV and other distractions) is a very ineffective way to deal with them. Like all forms of energy, these feelings cannot be destroyed; they merely change form. We store them in our bodily tissues, where they surface as physical pain and disease. 

 Breathwork offers us an alternative and healthy form of release for all these repressed feelings, emotions and trauma. Its effects are immediate—and permanent. When practiced regularly and over a sustained period of time, Soulful Breathwork increases our sense of centeredness, giving us greater peace during waking and even sleeping hours. We feel enlivened and energized, infused with a clearer purpose. Better still: multiple consecutive sessions compound the effects! This is the reason our weekend retreats offer four back-to-back sessions.

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“My breath is always with me–I can forever ride that wave of energy; so nourishing, I really felt the Divine pass through me, and comfort me. The promise of it is truly liberating.”

– Naz

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