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Destruction and Creation

Destruction—and creation—have been up for me lately. As did many others, I personally witnessed the destruction Hurricane Irma wreaked on Miami, which pales in comparison to her impact on the Florida Keys and the Caribbean. Last week we all witnessed further destruction by a major earthquake in Mexico City, and Hurricane Maria did a number on Puerto Rico and neighboring islands. Three week weeks ago I was humbled by the power of Nature in a…

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Navigating Change

Huffington Post Article, 11/6/2012

Change is in the air. Not only is the change of seasons palpable in many places, but in the case of many people I know, life changes are brewing, often showing up in dramatic ways or in the form of an unexpected curveball. In relationships, completions or new beginnings. In business, projects — or even jobs — winding down, and new ventures emerging. Many find themselves in transition, adrift in the unknown. And Sandy has…

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Let’s Get Free

Huffington Post Article, 7/4/12

This week we celebrate Independence Day, the anniversary of when the U.S. declared its freedom from England, with fireworks, parades, barbecues and picnics. But are we really free? It depends on what we mean by freedom. To me, freedom is more than the right to vote, to speak our minds or choose what we are going to study in college, more than innocent until proven guilty or trial by jury — all fundamental liberties taken…

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