Our Soulful Hero coaching programs are for clients at all levels of personal transformation. Are you just beginning to get a sense of greater purpose, or have you been on the path of conscious personal transformation for awhile and have hit a plateau or stumbling point?

Together we will create a viable path that will help you discover a sense of belonging, develop a powerful sense of purpose and empowerment. Feeling energized, focused and motivated to share your soul’s purpose with the world, you will release stagnant and negative energy that transforms into inspired living! This can take place powerfully and at an accelerated pace in private coaching sessions.

Christian is deeply committed to and passionate about working with you to bring forth your unique and extraordinary potential, to helping you step into your Soulful Power, and to create a life that works for you.

A Soulful Power retreat graduate recently wrote in a testimonial: “Christian is gifted with the ability to lovingly cut through surface shields and protections, powerfully evoking people’s innate essence and inspiring their highest expression.”

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Adventures in Transformation Group Coaching

A Year of Discovery, Embodiment, and Nurturing Your Soulful Power!

What Is Your Soul Craving?

I am excited to announce our second session for the group coaching program, Adventures in Transformation begins March 9th. This program is for adventurous souls like you who know the answer to “Is this all there is for me?” and “Is this all I’m meant for?” is a resounding HELL-NO, but struggle to take the next step, stay committed to the path of personal transformation, or have procrastinated stepping into your destiny for so long that you may have forgotten you had one.

Spirit needs just a crack to get in and fill our lives with joy, power, and purpose!

With the support of an inspired community, our Soulful Sanctuary, together we create a sacred, safe and intentional container into which we will move consciously into discovery, setting the stage at each new level. We will dive deep into the transformational process through teachings, practices, exercises and group coaching sessions meant to help you not just embody your soulful power, your soulful purpose, but to map out a course for personal evolution that will transform your life! LEARN MORE

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VIP Private Coaching

The VIP Soulful Hero Coaching Program provides a step-by-step strategy for freedom, tailor-made just for you. We will focus on issues of life purpose, personal empowerment and relationships, through an individualized action plan and an accountability component. Throughout the year together we will look at fundamental aspects of your life – determining what works, what needs a course correction or adjustment – and bring in a variety of tools to address each of those parts.

As a result, you will emerge with an increased understanding of self and what makes us do the things we do; tools to remove obstacles that have held us back from freedom and stood in the way of inner peace and happiness; a holistic action plan for healthy living, and much more.

Program components includes: 12 monthly coaching sessions custom-designed for your specific needs and desired outcomes and 12 virtual breathwork sessions once the container of trust and safety has been established between Christian and yourself. There is also the option of inclusion into the year-long program alongside the private program. Please contact us for price and availability at Help@SoulfulPower.com

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Soulful Hero Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions are ideal for busy professionals or individuals new to the path of personal transformation, or those already on the path and looking for the next step.

We offer virtual sessions, in-person at a location of your choosing, or the tranquil Goddess Temple in Coconut Grove, Florida. A covid-19 rapid test administered for all on-site meetings

Choose between a 90-minute private coaching session or a three-hour session that includes coaching and a private breathwork session.

Travel/lodging expenses may apply for sessions scheduled at your location.

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