Soulful Coaching

Let’s Embark on the Journey through Deep Transformational Work Together

Onward to personal freedom! Your journey is an extraordinary one, and we recognize and honor your unique path. You deserve to be acknowledged and valued for all that you have already gone through and overcome… It’s nothing short of heroic!

No matter where you currently are on your path, we believe in you and your ability to unlock your full potential and awaken your inner hero. 

With our Soulful Coaching Programs, we are committed to working with you to make your journey towards self-realization one full of discovery, joy, healing and forgiveness. So let’s map out a “storm-proof” strategy to help you discover your limitless potential and release what is no longer serving you!

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Adventures in Transformation

Get ready to shift your course and set your sails toward transformation with our year-long virtual Group Coaching program! Over twelve months, we will go layer by layer to challenge the way you see yourself and the world around you.

Through “Adventures in Transformation,” we have combined the themes of all of our other individual retreats into bite-sized, digestible pieces. With multiple breathwork sessions, practices to integrate into your day-to-day and bi-weekly coaching calls, you’ll have a gradual but sustainable path to real and lasting growth.  

Some of the themes that we dive into include: 

  • Personal Power – Lean into your unique gifts without being driven by limiting beliefs and learn how you can rise to the top without stepping on others to get there. 
  • Relationships – Understand the feelings you have surrounding intimacy, sex, and family to fast track your own healing or remove subconscious wounds that are preventing you from creating fulfilling relationships. 
  • Life Purpose and Leadership – Discover what we are doing here at a “mission level” and see how you can stop underestimating your abilities or settling for a life or career that doesn’t light you up!

It’s time to shed any stagnant and negative energy and step into your Soulful Power.

Soulful Hero Coaching | Private VIP Sessions

Private coaching sessions are ideal for busy professionals or individuals new to the path of personal transformation, or those already on the path and looking for the next step.

We offer virtual sessions, in-person at a location of your choosing, or the tranquil Goddess Temple in Coconut Grove, Florida. A COVID-19 rapid test administered for all on-site meetings

Choose between a 90-minute private coaching session or a three-hour session that includes coaching and a private breathwork session.

Travel or lodging expenses may apply for sessions scheduled at your location.

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