Well, my mind has been blown and like I told my yoga teacher today, “The only thing that could be as significant is my last breath, my death.” As you know, I have been involved in healing modalities since 1993–20 years now–and this was completely and truly infinitely transformational. Utilizing breath, with careful loving expert guidance by Christian de la Huerta, a group of 8 of us were lead deeply inward to our souls, to who we truly are and a process of organic letting go and releasing all of the barriers that impede love, compassion, understanding and self-actualization was set in motion that unfolded over 3 sacred days. This man, Christian has studied, practiced and taught, and written about this work for over 25 years. He is a master at holding each person in a holy embrace of sublime love, honor and respect which generates open-hearted trust and a metamorphosis! I feel my life is forever changed and I bow deeply to him, I have simply never met a more gifted generous committed human being! His commitment to others is that of a holy man–I am stunned at his presence and the love and caring that oozes out of his BEING!

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