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June 9, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm

| $150

As a committed practitioner to healing and wellness, you know the importance of a Soulful Teacher. After all, if our teachers are distracted or not doing their personal work to stay present, we notice right away and will find it difficult to connect, let alone stay committed to the practice.

On the flip side of this relationship is you: you are your own greatest teacher! When you liberate unhealed areas of yourself, you remove personal barriers to living and learning with an open heart. You discover deeper levels of personal fulfillment that catalyze the evolution of your soul’s purpose.

Teacher is a broad term; even the word doctor in Latin translates loosely to mean teacher. Many who are not officially in the role of “teacher” find themselves acting as a guiding light or beacon of hope, a facilitator of transformation for those around them. The Latin root for educate means to “lead out.”

This one-day workshop explores how we live and express ourselves as teachers, leaders, healers, and facilitators to help others out of darkness, out of limited thinking, out of self-destructive and non-sustainable patterns, at this crucial time in our collective history.

Together we will explore these questions, in order to bring forth your greatest expression of Soulful Teacher:

  • How do we as teachers, healers and leaders keep our lens through which we offer guidance clear?
  • How can we learn to use our breath to guide ourselves to heightened states of freedom?
  • How do we as “teachers” live soulfully in relationship to our role with the student and to ourselves?
  • What are the qualities of Soulful Teachers, and how do we develop them in ourselves and others?
  • And how do we remain a “Student of Life” while guiding others on their path of transformation?

The Soulful Teachers Workshop will help you develop the skills and understanding to use this student/teacher relationship as a powerful vehicle for spiritual evolution through group work and a Soulful Breathwork session. What are your personal barriers to achieving your greatest potential?

This retreat will be inspirational and supportive for anyone already in or feeling the call to step more fully onto the path of healing or teaching, however that calling is expressed.

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