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Awaken To Your Soulful Power! 

I can’t believe this baby’s about to pop! I’ve been holding heart—and mind—space for my new book, Awakening The Soul of Power, the first of a three-book series, Calling All Heroes, for about a decade!

More than once during this long gestation period I thought to myself: This is taking too long. Have I missed the window of opportunity? Talk about cosmic timing—what could be more relevant than expanding how we think of heroism and unleashing the Soul of Power in each of us right now?

And if that were all, it would be enough! But it’s not and I’m excited to share that Soulful Power is growing and expanding in ways that I have envisioned for years, but have not had the time to consider until now. . . Did I mention cosmic timing?

Introducing Unleash Your Inner Hero Facebook Group! This is a sanctuary for Soulful Heroes (yes, that’s you!) dedicated to personal empowerment and global transformation. You will have the chance to virtually meet other adventurers of spirit to engage in relevant and inspiring dialogue, such as what makes relationships work and how to experience your greatest purpose and empowerment. Plus, there will be lots of free gifts!

This September I will be hosting my first free virtual summit Leaders Transforming Global Consciousness. So far we have over 20 thought leaders from around the globe, such as Matthew Fox, Flordemayo, Chip Conley, Deborah Johnson, John Perkins, Sigmar Berg, Jennifer Grace, Gary Malkin and Silvia Nakkach. 

Each of these presenters will be offering insight into their practice as teachers or healers as they share stories, struggles, breakthroughs and actionable steps on possible paths participants can follow and roles they can play in a post-crisis rebirth and awakening. We expect a large audience of like-minded adventurers of consciousness and burgeoning leaders to join us. Our intent with this summit is to inspire people who may be feeling the call to step up or rev things up now, and who would benefit from the experience of others who have already been serving the role of guide and stewarding in a new world! You can learn more and register for the summit here. 

Are you feeling the call to step up and rev things up? Then NOW is your time!

Christian is an award-winning author, respected teacher and leader in the field of breakwork, self-development and personal transformation for over 30 years. Awakening the Soul of Power, will be released October 1 2020.

Singer, Songwriter, Gloria Estefan offered this early endorsements for his book:

“It is a rare occurrence indeed when a book, not only delivers on its message, but also gives you practical, straightforward and incredibly wise ways in which to apply the teachings put forth in “Awakening the Soul of Power”. I found it to be an introspective work that is a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions and truly look forward to the rest of Christian de la Huerta’s amazing “Calling All Heroes” series. It inspired me to purchase his previous book, “Coming Out Spiritually: The Next Step”.”



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Christian you, your work, and the Temple are truly priceless and no money in the world could come close to reaching the immeasurable value you bring to all of us… thank you, thank you!


The best decision I’ve ever made was coming to a retreat!!! It changed my life forever! It saved my marriage! So so grateful!!!


The power of this work is just amazing ! Thank you for opening my heart and soul through the power of breath! I am a believer and will follow this through from this point on! Namaste’


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