Christian De La Huerta

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Within 


There are many unlikely heroes in the world today; our healthcare workers and other essential workers who deliver our mail and packages, stock the grocery shelves, remove our trash—who place their lives on the line every day so that we can be safe and persevere.

But what about those of us required to stay within our homes. How do we embody and express the path of Soulful Heroes?

We go within.

This time of quarantine provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to go within like never before. We have the chance to look at all aspects of our life and determine where are we selling out on our soul’s desires, giving away our power, not living to our fullest potential and purpose. Now is the time to do the heroic work of going within and to get clear about who we are and what has real relevance and importance in our lives, so that we can bring forth those values when we emerge from this mandatory global cocoon. What kind of lives do we choose for ourselves, what kind of world do we create on the other side of this collective reset?

Toward that end, and as a way to support you during that process of exploration and discovery in these uncertain times, check out our Eye of the Storm Resources, with guided meditations, breathing practices to calm the mind and strengthen the immune system, and links to our virtual gatherings where adventurers of spirit meet to recenter, reconnect and rejuvenate. Creating an oasis amidst the pervasive collective fear, these sessions will help you take a deep breath and feel supported on your path of personal evolution as we explore and discuss the challenges and opportunities of this time.

Christian is an award-winning author, respected teacher and leader in the field of self-development and personal transformation. The first of a three-part series titled Calling All Heroes, his new book, Awakening the Soul of Power, is being released in August 2020. Here is an early endorsements for his book:

“In his new book, Christian has created a blueprint for self-awareness that will make each of us a hero or heroine in the battle to not only change personally, but in the process to help the planet evolve. Another remarkable book from a remarkable man.” David Mixner, Civil Rights Activist and author of Stranger Among Friends.

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Christian you, your work, and the Temple are truly priceless and no money in the world could come close to reaching the immeasurable value you bring to all of us… thank you, thank you!


The best decision I’ve ever made was coming to a retreat!!! It changed my life forever! It saved my marriage! So so grateful!!!


The power of this work is just amazing ! Thank you for opening my heart and soul through the power of breath! I am a believer and will follow this through from this point on! Namaste’


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