Feeling the depth of you breathing has also allowed for me to be more courageous in my life. I do much better with shifts in energy nowadays. Honestly, before Hawaii I didn’t understand energy the way that I do today. During our week together, I was able to combine everything that I learned from my meditation and concentration techniques with the breathwork sessions. I think this is why I was able to face myself with bravery, pushing past my habitual tendencies to shut down. Before I came to Hawaii I knew that if I could face the shifts in my mind that scared me that I could uncover something that has been here all along. For me, being able to breathe deeper than I ever had before, allowed for me to be brave. I truly needed to become intimate with my breath. Whether I practice trying to be a warrior in the world, I read about the ways of a Bodhisattva, or answer the call to be a hero, I know now that I am a healer and a teacher. I just want to continue to live selflessly as I heal. Your help pushed me into my new chapter.

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