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Christian de la Huerta’s Awakening the Soul of Power asks readers to aspire to a unique form of heroism of his own invention: By understanding and exercising control over our egos, he argues, we can liberate ourselves from “self-made prisons of fear and limitation,” change our relationship to power, upend our backwards ideas of masculinity, and learn to practice gratitude, trust, vulnerability, and other virtues. 

De la Huerta’s book, the first in a projected trilogy on the topic of contemporary heroism, stands out from other self-improvement titles in its thoroughness, clarity, originality, and its challenges to traditional ideas of success or heroism. Here, heroism is not defined in terms of masculine strength or market success. Instead, it is about healing, soulfulness, and an interest in the collective good. 

De la Huerta breaks down, in detailed but accessible chapters, novel approaches to thinking about our egos, our relationships to power, and the limitations of misogyny or homophobia. With witty maps, illustrations, and references, he links his coaching to Joseph Campbell’s idea of a hero’s journey, and to fantasy epics like The Lord of the Rings or Avatar; his own anecdotes tend to be illuminating and compelling.

De la Huerta’s prose is clear, engaging, and sincere, with memorable examples illustrating his ideas and precepts. His “Power Practices” sections at the end of each chapter offer provocative exercises to guide readers’ thinking.

While it inevitably shares some ideas with other books in its crowded field, de la Huerta’s text bursts with original thinking. The author eschews received wisdom and instead offers unique definitions, precepts, challenges, and hope to his readers. His emphasis on a greater good beyond the self is stirring — a welcome break with the fundamental self-centeredness of much of this genre.

Christian de la Huerta’s Awakening the Soul of Power challenges readers to strive to embody a new type of heroism in their lives, a selflessness that begins by targeting the destructive force of the ego. De la Huerta’s program is humane and heartening and laid out in clear, practical steps. Here’s a work of self-improvement that dares look beyond the self to our impacts on each other, on society, and on our planet. Well-written, public-spirited, original in its thinking and examples, and progressive in its arguments, this book stands as a welcome addition to any self-improvement library.


Donna: Calling All Heroes!

How to be a hero to your own story. I loved that the writer spent time writing, among many nuggets of wisdom, about our own power. I never used to think of myself as having any power. I believe that is where many of us go wrong. Anyway, a very inspiring read and one to pick up whenever you find yourself moving off track.


Taylor Roustio: My Experience with Soulful Power

A total change in perspective on my destination in life. This book made me take a hard look at my role in creating suffering both in my world and the world around me. ESPECIALLY the section on the Ego. I recommend this book without reservation. You won’t regret it. Pro Tip: Do the homework at the end of the chapters. This book is about exploration and growth. It should be worked through, not just read.


Allyson Matz: Wow! What a resource

If you’re on the fence, well definitely do it!! But also look at the table of contents. This book has SO much juice. I’ve only begun reading and I can feel it changing me already!


Diana K: What a powerful read!!!

I’m loving this book – It is so well written and it’s serving me. I am so grateful that Christian released it this year as the timing couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to create shifts in their life from an empowered place


Jason Birch: Life Changing

This book had a great impact on my personal growth, path and spiritual process


Jeannine Goodstein: If you want to grow…

Read this book. I recommend it highly if you are working on yourself and want to move forward.


Dulce Jimenez: I have the power to be a Hero on my own terms!

The way I see it is that It is time for heroic transformations and deep self-growth and transformation are scary. This book is a compassionate, inspirational, and powerful guide to do the work within. Christian has a way to wake me up to confront my own demons and set myself free. Is a book to keep and come back every time I need the courage to be my own kind of hero. I can’t wait for the next books of the series to come out!


Daniel R. Drummey:  A great read.

This is a must-read. Very well written. I especially liked the part about EGO.

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