Many of you have shared about how much this work has impacted you, and many have shared it with friends and family. Thank you! I’ve also heard from several of you have expressed interest in supporting this mission. We welcome and appreciate your participation and support in keeping it active and alive and serving as a focus for deep healing, transformation and spiritual community. If you or someone you know are interested in participating, please ask us how to make a tax-deductible contribution—or how you can support our work in one of the other ways below.

Retreat Scholarship Fund
Participation in a Soulful Power retreat can be financially challenging for some and through the generous contribution of others, these transformational experiences are made available. Donations to this fund are tax deductible.

QSpirit is an international non-profit group devoted to fostering an environment in which LGBT people can fully claim their roles of spiritual service, leadership and community enrichment around the world.

HUE Charter School
Human Universal Education (HUE) is an educational initiative to bring the child’s well-being back to the heart of education. HUE is comprised of educators and leaders dedicated to creating inclusive K-12 schools where students engage in a holistic (intellectual, social, emotional and developmentally-based) process of self discovery that inspires mindfulness, balance and integration; empowers authentic expression of life purpose; enacts leadership for healing and advancing local communicates; and cultivates service in support of global citizenship.

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