Thank you for a life-changing retreat experience. It is clear that you have been given a special purpose, and that you are 100% devoted to it.

If there’s such a possibility as an impossibility, it’s in trying to put into words how much this experience has helped me. I will try. It has told me more about my beliefs in how I carry myself through life, now that I am charged with the responsibility of being given new eyes. What is different this time around is that it’s easier to move past that fear of not being enough, of that disconnect with the present. I have the literal and figurative support of transformational breath with me. I cannot ignore the message of its power. 

And that is what I was experiencing during our last breathwork session. My breath is always with me—I can forever ride that wave of energy; so nourishing and exhilarating, I really felt the Divine pass through me, and comfort me. The promise of it is truly liberating. And I have a deeper resolve now to continue, to persevere.

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