Our coaching programs are for clients at all levels of personal transformation. Are you just beginning to get a sense of greater purpose, or have you been on the path of conscious personal transformation for awhile and have hit a road block?

Soulful Hero Coaching

Let’s begin the deep transformational work together!

Christian is deeply committed to and passionate about working with you to bring forth your unique and extraordinary potential, to helping you step into your Soulful Power, and to create a life that works for you.

Soulful Hero Coaching Programs are designed for people who are ready to step into their purpose and power fully, holding nothing back. Together we will create a viable path that will help you discover a sense of belonging, develop a powerful sense of purpose and empowerment. Feeling energized, focused and motivated to share your soul’s purpose with the world, you will release stagnant and negative energy that transforms into inspired living! This can take place powerfully and at an accelerated pace in private and group coaching sessions.

A retreat graduate recently wrote in a testimonial: “Christian is gifted with the ability to lovingly cut through surface shields and protections, powerfully evoking people’s innate essence and inspiring their highest expression.”

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