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July 19—21, 2019. This retreat includes a Soulful Breathwork session. Free time will be provided throughout the weekend to enjoy the extraordinary setting at Esalen. Optional massage is available at an additional investment. This retreat is appropriate for all LGBT persons regardless of training or background. To register please visit www.esalen.org.

A Call for LGBT Heroes

What does it mean to be a hero — to live heroically — in these times? Have you known or even suspected that you had a role to play as teacher, healer or spiritual activist? We are living in what may be the most critical juncture in the evolution of humanity. The clarion call has gone out: All hands on deck! You are needed now. We are all needed now.

People we today call lesbian, gay, bi, trans or queer have a long tradition of fulfilling spiritual roles such as teachers, healers, scouts of consciousness, mediators and keepers of beauty. How are you giving expression to those roles in your life? Are you ready to step things up a bit?

It’s time…

Christian is a passionate proponent of the special role he sees LGBT people playing in today’s society. He believes that they are meant to be catalysts for our planet’s spiritual evolution, and that it’s time they embraced this joyous responsibility. A worldwide spiritual awakening is taking place. What is the role of LGBT people in this extraordinary phenomenon? What does it mean to come out spiritually?

Come spend a weekend with an intimate group of like-minded committed seekers. Identify — and release — whatever obstacles may have been holding you back from stepping fully into your power and purpose. Let’s explore what we may do together that we may not be able to do separate and alone. If you have not yet been, Esalen is located in an exquisite setting right on Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur, CA. It is considered a birthplace of the consciousness movement and an extraordinary number of pioneering transformational events have been held there. It is known for its organic gardens and hot thermal baths hanging cliffside, with waves crashing and otters playing below and, if one is lucky, the occasional whale breaching in the distance.

We will enjoy inspiring dialogue, soul-nourishing camaraderie, deep healing, rituals,  breathwork, and exquisite meals as we break through beyond past limitations to unleash our true potential. And, we will have fun!

Yoga offered daily by Colby Smith.





“My life continues to be an amazing adventure.  I cannot thank you enough. My experience at Esalen was indeed life-changing.  So much has happened in my life since I let go of fear. When I got back to Florida after Esalen everyone said. “You look different” I answered.  “I am!” ~ Bob Watts

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