Clarity and Purpose


December 02, 2021


Spirit House | Woodacre, CA

The retreat will open on Thursday evening with a quiet meal, opening ritual and our first Soulful Breathwork session. Successive breathwork sessions will be offered each day, and the retreat will close in ritual Sunday afternoon. Generous amounts of free time will be provided throughout the weekend, and you’ll be encouraged to take hikes, sit in solitude or find other opportunities for tranquil reflection. The food offered throughout the weekend will be generous, healthy and delicious. Optional massage may be available at additional investment. This retreat is appropriate for all persons regardless of training or background. Registration Includes food, lodging and a personal hand analysis Soul Purpose reading from Markus Thorndike, resident expert.

Soulful Purpose


In this time of dramatic transition, imploding systems and shifting priorities, we invite you to spend some time getting clear—or clearer—about your life purpose. What are you here to do, at a soul or mission level? If money were not a consideration, after getting all the traveling and sensual experiences out of your system, how would you spend your time? What turns you on, spiritually? What kind of legacy will you leave behind?

The soul speaks to us in many ways, often subtly and in ways our conscious minds find difficult to interpret. Yet of all the information we receive from the people and circumstances around us, the soul’s message is by far the most important; it’s one we simply MUST learn to understand. For the soul’s message reveals to us both who we are and what we are here to do—giving meaning, perspective and spiritual inspiration to everything else. Through this experience, you’ll learn to:

Through breathwork, group collaboration, meditation, self-reflection and other means, this program will empower you to gently yet powerfully open to your soul’s message. You’ll have powerful opportunities to go deep within and will be inspired to re-enter the world with intention—as an empowered human being with personal purpose making a real difference.

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