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April 18, 2020


Virtual Retreat

Our virtual retreat is 12:00-1:30PM EST


How to Embody Love In The Time Of Corona – A Virtual Mini-Retreat

How do we keep centered – grounded in the energy field of love – in the midst of panic and crisis? How do we navigate our relationships during physical distancing?

For some, isolated with loved ones, the increased time together will multiply the possibility of conflict and discord. Others, separated by distance or the necessity for quarantine, are suddenly realizing it may be days, weeks or months before the can be together with their lovers. Single people are unexpectedly forced to go solo. How do we navigate the skin hunger, the need for touch and human contact at this time of physical distancing?

This program includes guided meditation, deeply inspiring conversations that will help you identify obstacles to embodying your soulful power, your soulful purpose, your soulful relationships. You will emerge grounded, renewed and connected to a source of love from deep within you.

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