Personal Empowerment


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The weekend retreat will open the first evening with a quiet meal, opening ritual and our first Soulful Breathwork session. Successive breathwork sessions will be offered each day, and the retreat will close in ritual Sunday afternoon. Generous amounts of free time will be provided throughout the weekend, and you’ll be encouraged to take hikes, sit in solitude or find other opportunities for tranquil reflection. The food offered throughout the weekend will be generous, healthy and delicious. Optional massage may be available at additional investment. This retreat is appropriate for all persons regardless of training or background. This is a residential retreat. The $995 registration includes all meals and lodging.

Soulful Power

There is so much confusion in the world about power: what it is, who holds it, what it means, how it works. This confusion is, in part, because we fail to recognize that there are several types of power. Worldly power is based on externals—money, fame, class, political connections and social status. It achieves its goals by force, domination, control or manipulation and can be abusive, arrogant and self-aggrandizing. Similarly, egoic power always has a self-serving agenda. It is fear-based, exclusive and hierarchical—and steps on others to get where it wants to be.

In contrast, spiritual (or soulful) power guides and inspires. It is humble, quiet and unassuming. Its source and energy are internal—it comes from within. Spiritual power is about authentic self-expression; it’s about service and making a difference. It is love-based, inclusive, and is not threatened by the power of others. It stands on its own. It simply is. And it is mighty.
In this surprising, self empowerment program, we’ll explore and decode the different forms of power, ultimately coming to an understanding about our own soulful power. You will learn to:

  • Identify and transcend personal obstacles to power
  • Unleash your soulful power in healthy, more authentic ways
  • Express yourself with more graceful authority in relationships
  • Find deeper levels of personal fulfillment, self-satisfaction and emotional wellness
  • Step into your role as an agent of change and world evolution

Why must we step into personal power consciously, with intention? On a micro level, to avoid settling for a life of unfulfilled potential. On a macro level, because the world needs us—those of us who have an inkling that our work is to advance our collective evolution on this planet—as healers, teachers, activists and catalysts of change. There has never been a more critical time in the history of humanity. The clarion call has been issued. The world needs us now.

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