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December 31, 2020


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Phoenix Rising: Consciously Release 2020 & Embrace 2021 with Powerful Intention!

Let’s Give 2020 a Graceful Yet Firm Kick to the Door!

I’m not typically the type to kick a learning opportunity unceremoniously to the door. But 2020…  Let’s just say there is A LOT to unpack!

Join me December 31, 7:00-9:00PM EST for a FREE gathering to wrap up 2020 consciously and begin 2021 with powerful intention! 

2020 provided insurmountable challenges that brought us to our knees, yet opened up opportunities in strange and wonderful ways. Congratulations! What we achieved was nothing less than heroic.

This global pause provided an opportunity to lean into what it means to become more deeply ourselves and to gaze into the reflection in the mirror and ask the tough question, “Am I living my purpose?”

With so much more to reveal, what is your intention for 2021?

Together, with a safe and intimate community of seekers, we will unravel the lessons of this event-filled year and set powerful intentions for your personal evolution in 2021. This empowering and inspiring virtual retreat will give you the support you need to harvest the lessons of 2020 and bring it to graceful completion—while launching 2021 with clarity of focus and powerful intention.

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