Healing Relationships
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This retreat is appropriate for all persons regardless of relationship status, training or background. SCHEDULE: Thursday: 6PM-10:30PM, Friday & Saturday: 9AM-9PM; Sunday: 9AM-3PM | LOCATION: Spirit House | Woodacre, CA. Registration includes lodging, all meals, group coaching, guidance, and four Soulful Breathwork sessions.


Soulful Relationships

Open Up to Greater Love and Deeper Passion

March 30 – April 2, 2023

This comprehensive and transformational weekend includes lodging at the magical Spirit House in Marin County, CA, delicious meals, group coaching, and four Soulful Breathwork sessions. There will be plenty of free time for connection, breakthrough, laughter, and to embody the work and explore the gorgeous surroundings.

We’ll be diving into some deep topics that will ripple through all areas of your life, but the most immediate impact will be on romantic relationships. You’ll discover new ways to level up all relationships and gain insight and practical steps about how to nurture and maintain conscious relationships that support your fulfillment and personal evolution!

You Will

  • Identify areas where love is blocked and begin removing those obstacles.
  • Discover new ways to Level Up the relationship you are already in.
  • Transform your relationship to relationships.
  • Experience greater confidence in all your relationships.
  • Learn how to be YOU, authentically you, in all relationships.
  • Gain valuable insight about how to deepen your connection without losing yourself.
  • Discover how to use partnership as a powerful vehicle for fulfillment and spiritual evolution.

Nothing works more efficiently to liberate the unhealed areas of ourselves than consciously engaging in an intimate relationship.

So, what are your personal barriers to living with a truly open heart? Together, we’ll crack open this juicy question—and begin to work toward solutions.

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