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March 30, 2019


Denver, CO

Investment: $630 (Early bird special $575 thru Sunday, March 10), includes breathwork session each day along with nutritious light snacks and beverages. This two-day urban retreat, held at Human Universal Education Center in Denver, Colorado will explore Soulful Teacher through the lens of the relationship between teacher and the student. How do we live and express ourselves as teachers, leaders and healers in our community, and how do we keep our own lens clear so that we can act as a guide for others? Saturday, March 30 through Sunday, March 31. 11:00am-7:00pm both days.


Soulful Teachers

Teacher is a broad term; even the word doctor in Latin translates loosely to mean teacher. Many who are not officially in the role of “teacher” find themselves acting as a guiding light or beacon of hope, a facilitator of transformation for those around them. The Latin root for educate means to “lead out.”

This retreat will explore how we live and express ourselves as teachers, leaders, healers and facilitators to help others out of darkness, out of limited thinking out of self-destructive and non-sustainable patterns, at this crucial time in our collective history. 

Together we will explore these questions, in order to bring forth your greatest expression of Soulful Teacher

  • How do we as teachers, healers and leaders keep our lens through which we offer guidance clear?
  • How can we learn to use our breath to guide ourselves to heightened states of freedom?
  • How do we as “teachers” live soulfully in relationship to our role with the student and to ourselves?
  • What are the qualities of Soulful Teachers, and how do we develop them in ourselves and others?
  • And how do we remain a “Student of Life” while guiding others on their path of transformation?

This Urban Retreat is open to all retreat graduates, yoga teachers, yoga teachers in training, healers and practitioners looking to explore taking your call of teacher to the next level.

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