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Wednesday, July 22 | 7-8:30PM EST. Join me for this free virtual gathering to co-create ritual space as I birth into being a book that has gestated for just the amount of time it needed, a virtual summit, bringing together leaders from across the globe to speak into our quickly evolving time and expanded coaching programs to help you meet these ever-changing times confidence and courage.

Unleash The Hero Within You, Envisioning An Emerging Future

Calling all adventurers of spirit, guides, angels and advocates to join me for a free virtual gathering to create ritual space as I birth the next phase of life for myself and for Soulful Power. Yep, you guessed it, I am throwing my own virtual baby shower on the new moon, this Wednesday, July 22 | 7-8:30PM EST! RSVP HERE

This virtual gathering will be a rousing and inspiring invitation for all of us to unleash the courageous and powerful hero that resides inside each of us. This is just a preview of our virtual offering:

  • Provide an understanding and action steps that I outline in my new book, “Awaken The Soul Of Power”, on how to living heroically in our day-to-day lives.
  • Guided meditation
  • Free gifts
  • Introduce special guests from the upcoming summit and new programs

Let’s Co-Create a New Future Together

Transformative times are ahead my fellow adventurers, and I hope you’ll join me as I usher in the emerging future with you, my beloved community.

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