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July 18, 2020


Virtual Sessions

Saturday, July 18 | 3-5PM EST During this mini-retreat you will discover limitations that have held you back from your personal power, purpose and sharing in the collective evolution of our planet at this critical time. We will explore ways to overcome obstacles, identify areas of self sabotage and blockages in order to build new patterns in order to step into your authentic self! Once you have enrolled please look for a follow up email with a link to our event. Cost $44


Calling All Soulful Heroes: Unleash the Hero Within You!

This virtual mini-retreat is an inspiring invitation to unleash the courageous and powerful hero that resides inside each of us. It will provide an understanding and some action steps to living heroically in our day-to-day lives.

What you will learn

  • Discover what has held you back from stepping into your power and purpose—and from sharing in the collective evolution of our planet at this critical time
  • Understand the ego mind so that you can overcome its self-made prison of fear and limitation
  • Identify where fear of rejection and the need for acceptance result in conformity and selling out on your true feelings and desires
  • Understand emotional blindspots and triggers to help you transcend reactivity while bringing choice back into the equation
  • Growth does not happen in the comfort zone. Learn techniques to help push through the desire for comfort and safety in order to step into your authentic self

Heroes face overwhelming obstacles, overcome seemingly insurmountable odds, and defeat impossible enemies. Being willing to dive deep inside and face down our own inner demons: the monster of self-doubt, incapacitating fear and the possibility of failure

The world does not need for us to hold back and play small. Letting it rip, no matter the consequences—that’s the stuff of heroes!

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