Women's Spirituality
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March 12, 2020


Coconut Grove, FL

The weekend retreat opens on Thursday evening with a quiet meal, opening ritual and our first Soulful Breathwork session. Successive breathwork sessions will be offered each day, and the retreat closes in ritual Sunday afternoon. Generous amounts of free time will be provided throughout the weekend. The food offered throughout the weekend will be generous, healthy and delicious. Optional massage may be available at additional investment. This retreat is appropriate for all persons regardless of training or background. The $895 registration includes all meals. A few residential spots are available for an additional $200 investment. Please register early and contact us to reserve yours. Payment plans available.


Women + Power

There is much confusion in the world about power: what it is, who holds it, how it works. There are also many misconceptions about power: that only the wealthy, the famous or the politically connected wield it, for example, or that it always corrupts. For women in particular, there is another layer of obstacles—such as the belief that power is not feminine, or that all men are threatened by powerful women. Consequently, too many women shy away from their own innate power, compounding the great imbalance between the genders in our world.

This imbalance is no longer acceptable or sustainable; women’s empowerment is the single most important thing that needs to happen in the world today. This unique, thought-provoking experience is an incomparable women’s empowerment program: both inspiring and challenging women to step into power soulfully, with grace and courage. In this program, you will learn to:

  • Identify and transcend personal obstacles to power
  • Unleash your soulful power in healthy, authentic ways
  • Express yourself with more graceful authority in relationships
  • Find deeper levels of personal fulfillment and self-satisfaction
  • Step into your role as an agent of change for world evolution

So, why must women step into power consciously, with intention? On a micro level, to avoid settling for a life of unfulfilled potential. On a macro level, because the world needs you—those of you who have an inkling that your work is to advance our collective evolution on this planet—as healers, teachers, activists and catalysts of change. There has never been a more critical time in the history of humanity. The clarion call has been issued. The world needs you now.

“The fruits of this retreat will affect my children and my children’s children. The healing is profound and path-shifting…like a wind that alters the course of your destiny by a degree or two and ends up making all the difference. Christian holds a safe and often hilarious space in which we  move closer to truth while unpacking the agony and ecstasy. You know, if you’re reading this– just go. You really can’t afford not to.”

~Dara Friedman

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