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October 12, 2019


Hui Ho'olana, Molokai, Hawaii

October 12-19, 2019 Registration includes lodging at Hui Ho'olana, 3 exquisite meals each day, breathwork sessions and group teachings with Christian as well as yoga with Colby Smith. There will be plentiful free-time each day for relaxation, enjoyment, renewal and integration. Double Occupancy: $3300, Single: $3600. Space limited to 15 participants, $500 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot.


Calling All Heroes: The Molokai Adventure

What does it mean to be a hero—to live heroically—in these times?

Have you known or even suspected that you had a role to play as teacher, healer or spiritual activist? We are living in what may be the most critical juncture in the evolution of humanity. The clarion call has gone out: All hands on deck! You are needed now. We are all needed now.

Come spend a week in paradise with an intimate group of like-minded committed seekers. Identify—and release—whatever obstacles may have been holding you back from stepping fully into your power and purpose. Let’s explore what we may do together that we may not be able to do separate and alone.

We will enjoy inspiring dialogue, soul-nourishing camaraderie, deep healing, rituals, multiple breathwork sessions and exquisite meals as we break through beyond past limitations to unleash our true potential. And, we will have fun!

What better way to experience transformation than on an adventure trek in a magnificent tropical setting? The Hawaiian islands are among the most remote land masses in the world. As soon as you arrive, their mana, or spiritual energy, is palpable. You’ll immediately begin to slow down, rest, relax, let go. You will disconnect with the pressures and worries of everyday life, and connect with yourself in a deep, fulfilling and lasting way. Of these islands, Molokai is the most authentic and unspoiled. It’s considered the birthplace of the hula and, according to lore, it was the only one never conquered, because of its powerful kahunas, or shamans.

During your week-long retreat we will stay at the Hui Ho’olana, a private center where we’ll enjoy delicious, nutritious meals; laughter-filled and stimulating discussion; exciting outdoor adventures; insightful teachings and five breathwork sessions. You will heal at deep and multiple levels, all while enjoying the camaraderie and support of remarkable companions on your journey. However you arrive, you will return home lighter, renewed, and somehow different, in profound and positive ways. You will have greater clarity of purpose and an invigorated level of commitment to be more than you have ever been before. So gift yourself a life-changing experience in a wonderful vacation paradise!

The Venue

Hui is a Hawaiian word for a group. Ho’olana refers to “the type of inspiration that floats up from within the heart.” It means “to bring back into balance—as in righting a canoe—and to comfort those in mourning.”

The Hui hosts only one workshop at a time, which helps create an atmosphere of intimacy and deepen connection. Interestingly, it serves as a conservation and reforestation project, including a native botanical garden where numerous endemic species are cultivated in an effort to stem the tide of extinction. Hawaiian native plants represent one of the most unique collections of rare and endangered plant specimens in the world. From seashore to higher elevations, the island of Moloka’i is home to a number of these plants found nowhere else in the world. This remarkable project is now known as the largest private dry land habitat restoration project in the state and serves as an educational center for people who come to learn and grow.

As far as the food, it could just be my favorite of all the retreat centers I’ve ever worked with! It is creatively and lovingly prepared and most of the vegetables are grown organically right on the premises.

Yoga will be offered by Colby Smith, and keep your eyes and ears open for the barking deer, which are unique in the world!


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