Soulful Breathwork engages the lifeforce energy through the vehicle of the breath as a means to heal. This technique, combined with the natural power of the Utah canyons, will create a powerful and profound combination. Amidst the rafting and Anasazi ruins, Christian de la Huerta will lead the group through explorations of personal power, healthy relationships, and finding inner peace. DSC06368-1

We will spend five days on the Upper San Juan River while taking daily opportunities to hike the canyons and explore the remnants of the Anasazi Empire. We will greet the day with meditation and Sun Salutations while the evenings will be reserved for laughter, discussions on life, the ego, and personal power, and evening breathwork. Don’t miss this life altering experience with Christian de la Huerta, master breathwork facilitator, David Michael Scott, yoga teacher and wilderness guide, and Kay Harris, lifetime river guide on the San Juan River.

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* Practice Soulful Breathwork with Christian
* Explore topics of Personal Power, Healthy Relationships, and the Ego
* Layover Retreat Day on Soulful Power Led by Christian
*Raft the upper San Juan river canyon
* Hike the Canyons
* Explore Ancient Anasazi Ruins
* Eat Gourmet Healthy Organic Food
* Sage Ceremony in an Ancient Anasazi Kiva
DSC08060This is an all inclusive experience. You need only get yourself there (ride sharing can be arranged), and have some personal camping gear.

Tents, Sleeping Bags and Pads are Available for Rent. Gear Rental is $15 per Person for Tent Only, or $30 per Person for Tent and Sleeping Bag and Pad

Dates: 7:00 AM July 27th to 3:00 PM July 31st
Difficulty: Beginner Rafter – Beginner Camper
Cost: $1,097 dollars

To register, please contact David at or (720) 505-1399.

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