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Half-day workshops include teaching and group collaboration; full-day workshops include a group Soulful Breathwork session.

Coming Out Spiritually

Millennia ago, in many cultures throughout the world, those with ambiguous gender or same-sex desire were revered as visionaries, healers and spiritual guides. In these cultures, sexual minorities were central to the spiritual welfare of the collective society—and sex had the potential to be a sacred rite. Today, however, modern religion has forged an artificial split between sexuality and spirituality. Sex has become purely functional, and we’ve lost sight of the vital differences between religion and spirituality. As well as sexual acceptance among all preferences.

Christian de la Huerta explores this critical rift in his best-selling book, “Coming Out Spiritually”—named by Publisher’s Weekly as one of the top ten religion books in the year of its publication. Now, in a thought-provoking program based on the book, you’ll have the opportunity to personally participate in this exploration. In an intimate small-group setting involving discussion, ritual, personal writing and guided meditation, you’ll dive into:

  • World religions and their views on homosexuality
  • Key LGBT archetypes and how they are manifested
  • How to unlock your own archetype and life purpose
  • Tools to help you reclaim your unique spiritual heritage
  • Your role into the growing global spiritual awakening

Christian is a passionate proponent of the special role he sees LGBT and queer people playing in today’s society. He believes that they are meant to be catalysts for our planet’s spiritual evolution, and that it’s time they embraced this joyous responsibility. A worldwide spiritual awakening is taking place. What is the role of LGBT people in this extraordinary phenomenon? What does it mean to come out spiritually? What is true sexual acceptance? This program provides unique insights for both LGBT and non-LGBT audiences with any level of spiritual experience.

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