Women's Spirituality


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1 to 9 PM | Goddess Temple, Coconut Grove $150, includes breathwork session and a meal Half-day workshops include teaching and group collaboration; full-day workshops include a group Soulful Breathwork session.

Uncovering Soulful Power in Relationships

Relationships are the area of life where most people forfeit their inner power.

This one-day workshop, drawing from elements of both Soulful Power and Soulful Relationships, will help you identify and release obstacles to both power and love and teach you how to use relationships consciously as a vehicle for personal growth, empowerment and spiritual transformation.


. Crucial information about the mechanism of the ego and its role
in relationships, the nature of projection and how it works to keep
us blind to unhealed areas in ourselves.

. How relationship can be used to see our own projections, fear and blocks, and thereby learn to heal ourselves.

. How to have powerful, intimate, loving relationships that work.

. How to exercise power fully, in healthy and authentic ways.

. Expressing yourself with more graceful authority in relationships.

. Understand differences between soulful and egoic power.

In this informing and inspiring workshop, through discussion, guided meditation, transformational breathwork and other means, you will emerge more inspired, clearer, more established and confident in your personal power, and more resolved and equipped to express yourself fully in relationship, and in the world.

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