July is the month when those of us in the U.S., France, Canada, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina and other countries celebrate independence.

As the election cycle in the U.S. intensifies and enters its final phase, freedom is also being brandished about—through fear in some cases and inspiration in others—as a way to bring about action and garner electoral support. All over the world, the balance between freedom and security is being scrutinized and pulled in different directions.

For those of us trying to view our complex and polarized world through a larger and expanded lens at this most critical juncture in our collective evolution, freedom takes on additional broader significance. 

Freedom is about much more than the right to congregate, vote, speak freely, or practice our beliefs. In a larger sense, freedom is about the right to be who we are to our fullest expression—and to let others be. 

images-14Freedom means having the courage to explore and express our true purpose in life, rather than selling ourselves cheaply and allowing ourselves to flounder in soul-devouring mediocrity, for the illusion of security provided by a bi-weekly paycheck. It’s about the ability to create the lives—and the world—that are truly worth dreaming about. It’s about expressing ourselves fully, holding nothing back. Freedom means following our soul’s calling and our heart’s desire, no matter who may be threatened or disturbed by that. And yes, that includes in the bedroom. It means giving ourselves permission to express our love and our passion, to answer love’s call however it reveals itself.

Freedom means going for our own unique brand of personal excellence, thereby making the world a brighter, more colorful and more loving place. Freedom means no longer being willing to play small or hide our light under a bushel, no matter what the consequences. It means shining bright and being the most that we can be and fulfilling our own exquisite and distinctive human potential. 

Freedom is being at choice to express our personal power gracefully, soulfully, in service and humility, even when that means rocking the boat. With freedom comes responsibility, the ability to respond rather than react.

Ultimately, freedom is about breaking free of both cultural and self-imposed limitations, moving beyond expectations, definitions and labels; realizing that we are so much greater than our past traumas, mistakes and imperfections, than our reactive tendencies and addictions, than our superficial differences and beliefs. 

Freedom is about remembering our sacred cosmic heritage: who we truly are—and that, for better or worse, we are all in this together.

Going for this level of freedom is ultimately nothing less than a heroic journey. And heroism is what the times are asking of us.

So let’s get free, really free! Who’s in?

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