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Soulful Relationships Workshop | Lambertville, NJ

Whether you’re already in a relationship or seeking connection, this program will give you the relationship guidance you need to use your partnership as a powerful vehicle for spiritual evolution. Although our work will impact how we behave in all forms of relationship, this program focuses specifically on intimate partnership. Nothing works more efficiently to liberate the unhealed areas of ourselves than consciously engaging in an intimate relationship. So, what are your personal barriers to living…

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Soulful Purpose Retreat

This short-version two-day retreat includes two group breathwork sessions.) Hours: 11AM – 7PM Sat & Sun.

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The Power of Vulnerability

If we need to prove we are powerful it is safe to assume that we are compensating for feeling powerless in some way. There is power in conscious vulnerability. We are so confident in our power that there is nothing to defend: we are not worried about others’ opinions or about being attacked. There is a Buddhist story about a monk who was falsely accused of impregnating a young woman who faced being ostracized by…

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The Power of Self-Expression

The journey of self-discovery is the most important journey we can take. It is an inner journey, and a heroic one. The dragons to be slain are our own fears and insecurities and outgrown belief systems, behavior patterns and life situations. Challenges to be overcome include family, social and cultural conditioning. The journey is an on-going one and entails identifying our own inner blocks–misunderstandings we bought into when we were very young: that we were…

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