The actual breathwork was more than I could have imagined. I felt such a sense of release and serenity. A feeling that goodness and happiness was possible. That my trust in people, and myself, was a real possibility. It’s been a while since I’ve felt¬† that positive. When we left on Sunday I knew the breathwork had a real effect on me but thought the retreat was good but not very relevant. Then I found myself thinking and talking about the rise of the divine feminine, the bigger self, the monkey mind. Being true to yourself and others. Wow, doesn’t time have a way of putting things in perspective. Your teachings were so much more influential than I would’ve thought. You’ve awakened in me a quest to find out more. But more of what? I guess that’s part of the journey. And although we didn’t get a chance to interact that much, when we hugged at the end of the weekend I felt your strength and devotion. Your love for people. I felt a real sense of ease…or exhaustion. Just kidding! You’re a man of passion.
Thanks again. Especially for you patience and belief.

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