Women of Soulful Power

Throughout the month of March we will be featuring short interviews with Women of Soulful Power. These powerful and transformative women break the mold in unlikely and inspiring ways, unapologetically etching out their own path as healers, teachers or activists for personal and global transformation.

Like many of you in the Soulful Power community, they too were once novices on their spiritual path with some of the same sort of questions, challenges, and ultimately, the drive to share their light with the world. We hope you enjoy, but mostly, we hope they serve as catalysts or inspiration on your own path of personal transformation.

Finding A Spiritual Path Through Tragedy with Rev. Dr. Susan Corso

Rev. Dr. Corso shares the story of a tragedy that brought her to her spiritual path following the birth of her son Isaac, which means “He will laugh” in Hebrew.

Dr. Susan Corso is a spiritual teacher, the founder of iAmpersand–a loose order for applied metaphysics, and the author of The Mex Mysteries, the Boots & Boas Books, and spiritual nonfiction. Her essays address the intersection of spirituality and culture. Learn more about her and her work at SusanCorso.com. Or sign up to receive a copy of her book Oklahoma Hex here. 


Discovering Passion, Purpose & Love with Chef Dulce Jimenez

Chef Dulce JimenezIn this inspiring and delightful interview Chef Dulce talks about discovering her purpose, overcoming fears and chronic illness all the while finding self-love and the love of her life.

Cooking is what makes Chef Dulce jump with Joy! Her passion for food and cooking started at a young age, smelling the aromas and tasting the flavors of her grandmother, Mama Cacha’s kitchen. She loved to be in the kitchen watching her grandma cooking every meal from scratch for her large family. Food and good eats have always been part of Dulce’s life.

She has traveled around the world learning from different cuisines, discovering that eating to achieve good health can be delicious, and affordable. Chef Dulce’s Caribbean heritage has inspired her to fuse Latin and Caribbean flavors with global cuisine. Her cooking is balanced, diverse and delicious.

Visit her website www.DulceAromas.com, Instagram: @Chefd.Jimenez, Twitter: @chefdjimenez, Facebook: Dulce Aromas @ChefDulceJimenez

I Am Mother. And So Much More with Valerie Siliker

Val Silidker is the co-founder and director of Psychospiritual Institute. She is a Board Certified Master Coach and spiritual teacher with over 20 years in leadership and transformation. She is also a Deep Ecologist, international speaker, coach trainer, and author of “Call of the Ecological Self”. She has been featured multiple times on Hay House Radio, NBC, USA Today, and MindBodyGreen, as well as numerous publications.

Val works with emerging leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs, who feel the shift in our world and want to be a catalyst for change. She supports people to deepen their self-awareness and develop personal and global leadership skills so they can confidently achieve their full potential and inspire the world through their unique gifts.

Over the past few decades, she has also produced close to one hundred large-scale mindful-living events, retreats, and workshops, and gratefully inspired the transformation of tens of thousands of people world-wide.

Please visit her at: http://psychospiritualinstitute.com/ to receive your free gift: The Ideal Model Exercise.

Call of the Soul: From Corporate World To Healer with Marianna Lopez

Marianna LopezComing from the corporate world to that of a healer, Marianna says that the call of the soul purpose to become a healer is not a call you cannot answer.

Marianna Lopez is a catalyst of self-discovery and healing. As a certified sound therapist, breathwork practitioner, hypnotist, mindfulness coach and yoga instructor she creates a safe container for her clients to authentically express themselves, release past trauma and gain practical tools for everyday life. Marianna fuses her toolbox of modalities into a unique personalized experience of healing and transformation.


Website: www.wandernotlost.co, Instagram: @shewandersnotlost


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