Offered in both half-day and full-day formats in our hometown of Miami and around the country, our short workshops are designed to give attendees a fundamental look at the kind of work we do. In an intimate, sacred group setting, we’ll cover key themes and begin to build a foundation for healing and transformation. Half-day workshops include teaching and group collaboration; full-day workshops include a group Soulful Breathwork session.

Private Workshops are offered in full and half-day formats based on your program needs at a location of your choosing or scheduled at the tranquil Goddess Temple in Coconut Grove, Florida. Please contact me at for more information.

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“You have this God-given ability to bring people together and offer them real change in the direction of their lives. I know that my life took on a completely different direction, starting when I came for my first breathwork retreat. “

– Mike W

Feedback we Recieved

Marti Marie

I attended one of Christian’s retreats (with Marianne) a couple years back. I experienced the most personal and professional growth ever in my life because of the experiences.

Meghan Clarke – Author, Executive and Professional Coach

In March 2019, I attended that Women and Power retreat. I did not know what to expect as this was the first time I would be doing breathwork and do a retreat like this. Going to this retreat was one of the most transformational experiences of my life. Before going to...

Terry Anderson

I've attended three of Christian's breathwork retreats. Each one was more profound than the other. I arrived at the recent workshop--on the mystical Hawaiian island of Moloka'i--somewhat dissatisfied with my life and the direction it was taking. I left with a profound...

Michael Walker

I can't really say enough about Christian's individual work and about the value of his retreats. I've attended numerous of his breathwork sessions over the years -- as well as one of his Souful Power retreats. His work has always inspired me to get in touch with ......

Carla Nielsen

As part of my yoga teacher training my class attended a weekend of Breathwork guided by Christian. It's hard to put into words the profound impact this workshop had in opening my awareness as a future yoga instructor, an energetic guide, and a 'reset button' for my...

Blaine Szablewski

If you have never heard of breathwork, allowing Christian to control space for rapid healing is a must. Before this retreat, I literally got an MRI on my spine and was close to not being able to walk. I couldn’t even sit on the plane there. After intensive sessions...

Marta Neira

"A couple of years ago I treated my soul to bringing in the year with Christian de la Huerta and this amazing workshop.. it was (and remains) so meaningful. Don’t miss it."

Adriana Rodriguez

"All my love and Deep gratitude for holding that Sacred Masculine where I can trust and open more to love. You hold a space of deep integrity and trust. ? Yesterday breathing I thought I would break and open thousands of times more... Love is so amazing and sweet"

Tammy Martinez

"Yesterday, I took a class on Breathwork and I overwhelmingly recommend it to everyone in the world for an experience of a lifetime. It is an incredibly powerful class that can only be explained by taking it yourself and experiencing it. Christian de la Huerta- what a...

Kathleen Kennedy

"I am blessed by your presence in my life...You changed my fear to trust!"

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