Christian De La Huerta

Tap Into Your Soulful Power, Embody Your Soulful Purpose 

NkRRKzr_dEigOl0gaQT1UhyoBlqLCDvIaORL8V_p7VE,X5pMq9VK4pWohdRwooy7HVMiEUMajXB1dt3QegC32EU,VrMwpEM341HsDU_bSAiB7IPwtVstC_rS_R-08tjAoMEHow many of us get through life without bumps along the way? This is a rhetorical question of course, because none of us do.

Do you feel like those bumps in your road of life have left you high-centered, unable to move beyond past experiences?

For more than 20 years, Christian de la Huerta has been dedicated to facilitating personal transformation, to helping people tap into their Soulful Power—that deeper sense of purpose that lives within each and every one of us.

The ability to uncover this hidden potential within each of us is a rare and specialized skill, honed and cultivated through more than two decades of education and experience. Using the proven combination of intimate group collaboration and Soulful Breathwork, each of our programs are carefully crafted to help participants unveil hidden truths, release past trauma and begin to fully embody their most profound potential.

Christian is an award-winning author, respected teacher, speaker and leader in the field of self-development and personal transformation. Discover how Soulful Power Programs can help you experience your greatest potential, transforming your life into inspired living!

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Our community is diverse, inclusive, supportive and joy-inspiring. We look forward to sharing this journey of self-discovery with you!

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Christian you, your work, and the Temple are truly priceless and no money in the world could come close to reaching the immeasurable value you bring to all of us… thank you, thank you!


The best decision I’ve ever made was coming to a retreat!!! It changed my life forever! It saved my marriage! So so grateful!!!


The power of this work is just amazing ! Thank you for opening my heart and soul through the power of breath! I am a believer and will follow this through from this point on! Namaste’


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